CCKW Ring mount complete for sale. SOLD!

CCKW Parts For Sale. Please included location. This is a World Wide forum.
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CCKW Ring mount complete for sale. SOLD!

Post by smoke1 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:23 pm

Apologies in advance for typos since monitor is hard to see through the tears....Need an M24A2 for my WC51 so to fund it...0

OK boys, I know I need better photos, but below is what I have at moment:

Any page/figure/part number refs are from or in TM 9-224 dated April 22 1943 which can be found/ downloaded online.

What's for sale:

An M49 gun ring set up for an M series M35A2 truck

1) A WWII era gun ring (TRACK ASSEMBLY - C90771)

2) A WWII era skate/ Trolley (CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY - D407214)

3) A Set of legs (3) for mounting on the M35 series truck

4) The US Army made plates to adapt the M series legs to the WWII ring bolt hole set up

5) Ammo can tray for a spare can of ammo that is bolted to the leg/ring support.

6) Gun Barrel transport lock down clamp (CLAMP ASSY- C106435)

7) 0.30/0.50 combo cradle (Cradle ASSY- D40733).

See picture 5 at the Webshots album above.. This is not a 'stepped' pintle but a straight one which has been referred to on other forums as ' The long Horse Cock ' pintle.

The cradle is missing the original pins and flip up-down 0.30 gizmo at the end of the cradle.

The carriage is missing the clamp screw , Item I - SCREW, ASSEMBLY - A230323, shown in TM 9-224 in FIG 33, Page 37. I have just been using a carriage bolt and washers and nut of smaller diameter to pull the pintle shaft carriage opening together ( friction fit to keep gun from swinging wildly and in carriage ) so as to not damage the internal threads of the hole. Above items available from BMG.

8) I also have the newer issue ammo cradle assembly which slides down over ears on the cradle and has a feed ramp covered in a Teflon like sheet from the top of the ammo can to the feed port on the gun. This also has a tray the open can of ammo is placed in with a spring loaded foot or shoe that goes over the side of the ammo can and rests on the linked ammo going to the gun and keeps it in the can until the gun pulls the linked ammo out of the can as it is fired.

Looks good on the truck, but to get the M24A1 for the WC it has to go to pay for it. ( For some reason the Chief of Staff states we need to eat and pay bills before toy purchases. Heresy!!! )

I think the M2HB would look good on the WC but maybe I should sell it too and put the Water cooled 0.30 repro on the WC?

9) A Steve Workman M2HB 0.50 cal repro. Non firing, CNC made repro as shown. Unit is powder coated, not painted. Top cover opens and closes, charging handle cycles, triggers depresses. Maybe weighs 35/40 lbs?

So,you have options on package price without the 0.50, and with the 0.50.


You can see it in person or pick up in Weare, NH next week or pick up in Southern NH after Weare, or possible pick up in Gilbert, PA in Sept. It is still mounted on the truck in the photos and won't be pulled until a serious offer is accepted. Removing it at the rally will NOT be a problem. (Lots of HMVers just itching to prove how good they are with a wrench and a can of beer....)

No shipping it. Don't ask

It's big, heavy and not likely to arrive intact, even palletized.

I'm pretty sure I still have a WWII era dated canvas gun cover still in the packaging ( shown in FIG 35 ) down in the barn on the shelf which I could include. But I have been serious health issues of late and haven't got in there for several months so that isn't cast in concrete.( Cast in Jell-O, maybe... Hoover is still President, right?)

I'll be posting this info on G503 and since the WWII setups are getting a little hard to find.



1) WITH the repro M2HB $3600

2) WITHOUT the repro M2HB $3350

NOTE: Neither the truck or the child in the picture are included in the above price.

No trades, unless you have a complete M24A2 mount ya wanna swap for the above, and I'll throw in the kid...




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Re: CCKW Ring mount complete for sale.

Post by johne504 » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:30 pm

Do you still have the ring and trolley for sale?

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Re: CCKW Ring mount complete for sale.

Post by Bill_Wolf » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:24 pm

Ronzo is a good friend.

It has been sold.

I will update the post.
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