Kiekhaefer Chainsaws and Air cooled support engines

Equipment that may (or may not) have been supported by CCKW's and other large trucks. Stuff such as Dozers, Graders, Rollers, Pavers, Cranes, Oil Field Equipment, etc. Also Tugs, Generators, Compressors, Welders, and just about all other machinery and equipment type of items.
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Kiekhaefer Chainsaws and Air cooled support engines

Post by Bill_Wolf » Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:57 pm

I have a Kiekhaefer Military Chainsaw and Compressor engine used during the war. Interesting Video about their production.
1942 Chevy 125 Crash Truck from Dow AAFB,
1944 Chevy 325 Fire Truck
1942 WC-54 Ambulance
1944 M29C Weasel (x5)
1945 CCKW 353 A2 Open Cab "Air-portable"
1943 M5 High Speed Tractor
1942 Sperry Searchlight setup with GE Generator
1942 M-1 Fruehauf Searchlight Trailer (G221)
1942 M-17 Fruehauf Quad 50 Trailer (G221)
1942 M-10 Ammo Trailer (x3)
194? Steel Ben Hur (x4) 194? Wood Ben Hur (x2)
1945 Case VAIW-3 Aircraft Tug
1943 Case VAI USAAF with Mower
1944 Clark CA-1 Airborne Dozer
1944 PE-95G, 1944 PE-99B

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