43 cckw 353 flatbed for sale as is

CCKW's/Chevy's For Sale. Please included location. This is a World Wide forum.
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43 cckw 353 flatbed for sale as is

Post by 6x6 Dinosaur » Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:07 pm

Before I get too far This truck is in California around Monterey. My dad and I bought this truck with (insane?)hopes of actually using it for my dad's construction biz and thus as a unique form of advertising but we never got that far and i'm hoping to sell it to someone who has use for it.

New stuff included new tires[most likely are rotten now] new brake system including rebuilding the hydrovac,new axle seals,new wood for the bed,a tachometer,brake controller, fuel tank,tail lights and a scratch built hitch.

the tach,brake controller,brake lines,fuel tank,tail lights and the hitch are not period correct but was more for functionality but I suppose it would be easy to remove them

Now the bad. The inner axle seals were never replaced so the axles leak fluid. The truck's speedometer doesn't work,the truck has a nasty wobble at 30 mph and can't go over that, The front drive shaft was removed so it has no front wheel drive, the wiring in the engine compartment has been chewed although it looks like only one spark plug wire and the coil wire I shall assume it's more then that, the interior has been chewed so the seating will need to be redone and the major one is that the transmission was pulled out because of problems and while I was able to find another one I never found the throwout bearing and the shafts didn't match. as of now I don't have any pictures but I will try to link some within the next few days.

My dad and I are hoping to get$5,500 for it.
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