De Harskamp

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De Harskamp

Post by Barry Churcher » Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:54 pm

Here are a couple of photos sent by my buddy Stefan, of the KTR event ar the veluwe, De Harskamp, the Netherlands. He won a first place trophy with his FOX. It's not a CCKW but still a GMC.


1944 Chev. C15TA
DAF YA314 ----- Chev. G506
Ford F15A (4)
Chev C15A (2)
Ben Hur Fuel Transfer
Polynor Trailer
Drone Winch Trailer
GE Searchlight
1953 M38A1
Telephone Reel Hand Cart
British GS Trailer
M101 with Water Tank
101 CDN-2 (2)
WW2 Water Trailer
M-274 A5 Mule

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