More Motor March News

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More Motor March News

Post by Bill_Wolf » Thu May 14, 2009 10:33 pm

1942 Chevy 125 Crash Truck from Dow AAFB,
1944 Chevy 325 Fire Truck
1942 WC-54 Ambulance
1944 M29C Weasel (x5)
1945 CCKW 353 A2 Open Cab "Air-portable"
1943 M5 High Speed Tractor
1942 Sperry Searchlight setup with GE Generator
1942 M-1 Fruehauf Searchlight Trailer (G221)
1942 M-17 Fruehauf Quad 50 Trailer (G221)
1942 M-10 Ammo Trailer (x3)
194? Steel Ben Hur (x4) 194? Wood Ben Hur (x2)
1945 Case VAIW-3 Aircraft Tug
1943 Case VAI USAAF with Mower
1944 Clark CA-1 Airborne Dozer
1944 PE-95G, 1944 PE-99B

dr deuce
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Post by dr deuce » Mon May 18, 2009 8:01 pm

It was a GREAT time than in no small part of the efforts of Bill!

Thanks again Bill. :D
Dr Deuce Over 50,000 driven miles in a CCKW
1942 CCKW closed cab shopvan
1943 CCKW closed cab cargo w/M32 MG mount
1944 CCKW open cab LeRoi Kompressor
1944 CCKW open cab F1 Aircraft fueler tanker
1945 CCKW open cab cargo w/artic cab
1942 Chev cargo
1942 Chev K51 Panel
1944 Chev M6 Bomb Truck
1942 GPW Jeep ... 59870.html

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